'Love' an exhibition by Emma Bass

'Love' an exhibition by Emma Bass

Exhibition: February 14th until March 19th, 2020 (Opening Feb 14th 3– 5 pm )

Boyd-Dunlop Gallery - 4 Hastings Street Napier

‘LOVE’ – floral portraits by Auckland-based artist Emma Bass opens, appropriately, on Valentine’s Day at Napier gallery Boyd Dunlop. In her first Napier exhibition, the show features a broad sample of Bass’ floral ouvre. These photographic works are animated by a spirit of love in its many expressions; love as passion, as care, as commitment, as beauty.

As a former nurse, the artist has seen the difference love makes in people’s lives and she views love as constituting both emotional and practical aspects; we experience love, but we also practice love through care for self and others.

She says “Flowers have been employed to represent our ideas and emotions as far back as we can trace our artistic heritage. Eastern or Western, flowers are one of the most universal forms of beauty. They are tokens of love, a natural expression of the environment. What’s more, flowers are scientifically proven to improve both mental and physical well-being. Everywhere in the world, flowers are cherished in some form”