Heath Wilkes

Heath Wilkes is of Tahitian and European heritage. One set of Grandparents from Tahiti (where family still live) and the other from England. Trips to French Polynesia are frequent.
Heath runs a specialist art reproduction business in the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges in West Auckland, New Zealand. From here, Heath and his team specialise in commercial scanning & photographic art capture, screen print & digital pigment printing for museums, galleries and artists to create limited edition runs. 
Born in Auckland in the summer of  ’77, he spent much of his childhood swimming and surfing Piha on New Zealand’s Wild West Coast. In his late teens, he undertook a Bachelor of Design, Majoring in Visual Communication. 
Working in Advertising for 17 years, Heath transitioned his design agency to an all purpose, specialist art printing & art services business. Not content with working only to help other artists achieve their visions, Heath is now producing his own sets of work.
Heath’s contemporary Polynesian works are generally taken from personally owned objects, but uses other objects and images relating to Tahiti and his heritage, where he can modernise in his own form, a take on the old ways of French Polynesian life, mixing with a modern aesthetics from the new world.
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