The Moment of Light  Boyd-Dunlop Gallery Napier Hawkes Bay Gareth Barlow Originals Acrylic on Canvas Tangata Whenua Portraits Maori
Gareth Barlow

The Moment of Light


The Moment of Light, 2019

acrylic on canvas 

1600 x 1900 mm


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On my art journey there’s been some epiphany moments that have changed the

course of my journey. Or helped me make significant jumps in my practice.
These ‘moments of light’, could be simply seeing art in a museum, or meeting

But when these moments have occured in my journey with Maori art, it’s not only
improved me as an artist, it’s also made me a better human being.
This latest piece from my Takenga series references the actions of Tane Mahuta,
God of the forest, who forced his parents, Ranginui and Papatuanuku apart, letting
light enter the world for the first time and creating Te Ao Maarama, or the natural
world we live in today.

So it’s about creating your own prosperity. About awareness. Learning now to
recognise opportunity or inspiration in your immediate surroundings. But also
vision and confidence in your proceeding actions.

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