Sean Crawford Laser Cut Sculpture Metal Work Sculptor Contemporary Fine Art Boyd-Dunlop Gallery Hawkes Bay Napier Hastings Street
Sean Crawford



Kikorangi - 'Lost in Translation'

400 x 400 x 290 mm

surveillance camera fabricated from laser cut steel Kopakopa (Chatham Island Forget me not), steel extrusion with a powder coat render


The artist says "I remember, as a school aged child, my introduction to learning Maori. Being taught colours was a cultural gateway to understanding. Within this series of works, I have approached that colour reference as ‘primary swatches’, blocks of colour that pass their reference point without misinterpretation. 

 I have chosen to use botanical motifs in these works to highlight an innocent exchange, native flower to colour. This also strengthens the idea that a balanced respectful exchange of cultures incorporates indigenous people, and the flora and fauna of the land.

 As the flowers become corrupted in form and meaning, they are subverted to shapeshift into objects of oppression. These manifestations (or distortions) reflect a reality of restriction, repression and persecution, as humanness becomes ‘lost in translation’.”

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