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Inkii lives and works in Sydney

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Elam, Auckland University 1983- 1985

New Zealand born, Australian based street artist Inkii paints with one eye on recent history and one on the here and now. Inkii describes his work as a throwback to great things, from good times. His relationship with the past references dragstars, grease monkeys and mixtapes.

It’s pop art that’s popped and drizzled in nutty caramel, like a lolly- gobble-bliss-bomb. Mashed up, deconstructed and spray painted till the paint is dripping off the wall, Inkii’s work is “constantly drawn back to the 70’s and the innocent dream-like qualities that it mythologised.

The constant reference to music is no mistake. It is as if in his work Inkii is trying to find the imagery to go with the soundtrack of our lives. There is a sense of a time past but also of future possibilities.

Inkii is constantly searching for imagery that simultaneously walks the line between what we recognise from the present and what we remember.