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New Electra

March 6th - March 30th 2019

Rohan Wealleans is a contemporary artist who has exhibited widely in New Zealand and internationally since graduating Elam School of Fine Arts in 2003.

 He has won accolades such as the Wallace Art Award in 2006.  Weallean's creates tactile works that blend between painting and sculpture.

"Wealleans' monstrous creations morph and bleed between painting and sculpture. Their wild and unruly appearance give the impression the artist has grown them in a subterranean lair through a mixture of wizardry and weird science, rather than having created them in a white-walled studio."

 "Wealleans layers paint onto fibreglass and polystyrene, cutting back into these architectonic layers in a technique that resembles millefiori glasswork in which the multicoloured patterns of glass rods are only viewable from their cut ends. Segments are sliced from one surface and added to another in a joyful accretion of colour and texture. His paintings can amass up to 80 layers of paint, resulting in a psychedelic, visceral, fascinating and at times repulsive surface. The titles of his works combine a love of science fiction and B-grade cinema with a metonymic sense of humour."

New Electra

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