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Re-Generation Exhibition by Dagmar Dyck and Ercan Cairns

An exhibition of new works by Dagmar Dyck and Ercan Cairns at Boyd-Dunlop Gallery
14 Oct - 10 Nov, 2023

Within the artistic realm exists a timeless connection that defies the constraints of time—an unbroken thread of creativity woven through the tapestry of our ancestral bloodlines. Re-Generation is not merely an exhibition; it is a profound testament to the enduring bond between a parent and child and an exploration of the intricate fabric of intergenerational creativity.

Within the walls of this exhibition, Dagmar Dyck and her son, Ercan Cairns, stand together as artists for the first time, sharing their unique visions with the world. Re-Generation is a heartfelt celebration of the continuum of artistic expression that binds us to our forebears and has profoundly shaped the artists we are today.

Re-Generation is more than an exhibition; it is a homage to our past, a joyful celebration of the present, and a promise for our creative future. In this shared moment, we witness the limitless potential inherent in our ancestral bloodlines. It is an artistic ode to the enduring legacy of creativity that binds us across generations—a testament to the power of creative freedom that flows through our veins and continues to evolve, shape, and inspire.

Dagmar Dyck (born 1972) is of Tongan (‘Utungake and Tu’anuku, Vava’u) and of German, Dutch and Polish descent. 

Ercan Cairns (born 2001) is of Māori (Ngāi Tūhoe), Tongan (‘Utungake and Tu’anuku, Vava’u) and of German, Dutch, and Polish descent.