Are you building or designing a new home?
Would you like to add style to your office space?

If you’re looking for an opportunity to bring life to your interior; art is a great starting point.

The carefully curated collection at Boyd-Dunlop Gallery comes from artists across NZ and includes a broad selection of styles, techniques, and media. Take the design of your interior to a higher level with a print, original artwork, installation or sculpture that has been chosen especially to fill your space and reflect either your or your business’s taste and personality.

Modern houses, office spaces and architecturally-designed homes create many opportunities to make a statement with a piece of art. They also present unique possibilities for selecting large or oversized works, or matching works to their own dynamic spaces. Not only can we help you choose the perfect artwork: we can also work with your builder to ensure that lighting and walls both provide the perfect backdrop to your selection.

The right piece of art will start a conversation, stimulate a reaction, and bring together the design of a room.

Contact us and we can help you to find an artwork that will delight and inspire you every time you see it.