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Brad Novak


brad novak

Arguably New Zealand’s leading urban pop artist, Brad Novak (aka New Blood Pop) has work sitting sharply at the nexus between fine art and street art.

Novak is the first New Zealand artist to exhibit with global superstars such as Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Mr. Brainwash, OBEY, and BANKSY in the same show (Toronto, 2015). His debut solo show (New Blood Pop: An Urban Art Experience) could have likely set an NZ attendance record, with several hundred people through the event in only 2 hours.

Novak’s one-of-a-kind, hand-paper-collage & stencil-spray-painted works on wood (and limited edition screen-prints on paper) involve the layering of popular imagery. Fundamentally, both his work and practice are about keeping our inner child alive.

He is currently showing internationally through galleries in the USA, Canada, the UK, and New Zealand.




      1. CHICAGO - SOLO Show (June): "Hybrid 2.0" (Vertical Gallery, Chicago, USA)
      2. NZ - SOLO Show (August): "Showcase" (CR Art Dealer, Coromandel Township, New Zealand)
      1. NZ - SOLO show (December): "Starman - A Tribute To David Bowie" (12 Gallery, Auckland City, New Zealand)
      2. NZ - SOLO show (January): "Hybrid 1.0" (Bread and Butter Gallery, Whitianga, New Zealand)
      1. NZ - SOLO show (January): "Brickwork" (Bread and Butter Gallery, Whitianga, New Zealand).
      1. NZ - SOLO show (October): "HERO TECHNO RETRO" (Boyd-Dunlop Gallery, Napier, New Zealand)
      2. NZ - SOLO show (July): "New Blood Pop @ The Design Show" in Auckland Viaduct Events Centre (in Association with Bread and Butter Gallery, New Zealand)
      3. NZ - SOLO show (January): "Sound Organised In Time" (Bread and Butter Gallery, Whitianga, New Zealand).


      1. CHICAGO - Group show (April): "8-Year Anniversary Show" (Vertical Gallery, Chicago, USA). With Blek le Rat, Hebru Brantley, Martin Whatson, Steve Seeley, Stikki Peaches and more.
      2. NZ - Group show (March): "Pop - Will Eat Itself" (12 Gallery, Auckland City, New Zealand). With Johnny Romeo, Ercan Cairns and Andy Warhol
      1. CHICAGO - Group show (December): "Grand Opening" (Vertical Project Space, Chicago, USA). With Lie, Jordan Ferguson, Sergio Farfan, Yon Meister and Chema Skandal
      2. PALM SPRINGS - Group show (November): "Portraits" (Rubine Red Gallery, Palm Springs, USA). With Greg Gossell, Jose Navarro, Ramon Maiden, and others.
      3. NZ - Group show (October): "Urban Art Pop-Up" (LIMN Gallery). With Banksy, Takashi Murikami, OBEY, James Jean, POSE, Levi Hawken and more.
      4. CHICAGO - Group show (April): "7-Year Anniversary Show" (Vertical Gallery, Chicago, USA)
      1. PALM SPRINGS - Group show (July): Launch into gallery (Rubine Red Gallery, Palms Springs, California, USA)
      2. NZ - Group show (June): "Urban Stories" (Art Bureau Gallery). With Rachel Rush, Joel Hart, Ercan Cairns and Sheyne Tuffery.
      3. CHICAGO - Group show (April): "6-Year Anniversary Show" (Vertical Gallery, Chicago, USA). Showing with Anthony Lister, Ben Frost, Ben Eine, Hebru Brantley, Mau Mau, Pure Evil, and Shark Toof amongst others.
      4. NZ - Group show (February): "Contemporary Edge" (The Diversion Gallery, Picton, New Zealand). With Michael Smither, Roy Good, Wayne Seyb, Fatu Feu'u, Manu Berry and JS Parker.


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