Emma Bass

Emma Bass is an established artist whose floral compositions inspire metaphorical and narrative interpretations. Residing in Auckland, New Zealand, her contemporary photographic compositions have been shown in leading art galleries in New Zealand and internationally. Bass is the only New Zealand artist invited to exhibit at the prestigious Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy in London in 2016, and she was shortlisted for it again in 2019. Her work is held in private collections throughout the world and she is proud that her work has been acquired by and donated to hospitals, hospices, and funeral homes throughout New Zealand.

In her work, Emma Bass seeks to cultivate a sense of hope, often despite difficult circumstances. She addresses a psychic human need for the uplifting power of beauty, which connects with her prior career as a nurse in which she sought to heal and comfort.

With accumulated scientific evidence indicating that flowers increase wellbeing, aid healing and lower stress levels, Emma’s striking large photographic works consistently bring a calm and contemplative vision to enlighten homes and places of work, healing and worship.