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Jeremy McCormick

Jeremy McCormick is an emerging New Zealand artist making waves on the scene. Self taught and self directed, he has been honing his considerable talent for most of his young years. Hyper realistic execution blends into surrealistic composition in his insightful and impactful canvases. 

His works are a conglomeration of epic landscapes, thundering herds of wild animals, gritty urban scenes, poppy graffiti and emotive portraiture. They are superlative pieces that arrest the imagination as they delight the eyes. Bold and colourful, his imagery is rendered in oils in painstaking detail to an almost photographic standard. It is dynamic work, bursting with life and motion. Steam rises from tropical hills. Sea spray mists off choppy ocean waves. Vast skies are caught in a snapshot of rolling clouds.

As well as visually stimulating, there is a depth of thought behind his compositions. This is work with something to say. These are cautionary tales, premonitious imaginings of what could be possible should mankind run its course and allow nature to take over the dystopian urban landscape. In combining the worst of humanity with the best of our environment, McCormick holds a mirror to our folly, our insignificance compared to the vast and enduring natural world. In manipulating the barriers of realism and travelling to the realms of the fantastical, McCormick speaks to a deeper truth universally resonant.

Jeremy McCormicks work is held in private collections in New Zealand.

Finalist in the 2018 Adam Portraiture Awards.

Runner-up for the Adam portraiture people's choice awards 2018

2016 people's choice awards at the Peter Doig art awards.