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Kurt Herrmann

Boyd-Dunlop Gallery Napier Hawkes Bay Kurt Herrmann Acrylic on Canvas Colour Bombs Abstract

Kurt Herrmann ( b. 1972, Lock Haven, USA ) is a painter from the mountains of Pennsylvania who does both figurative and abstract work, but above all, he is a colorist at heart. He is currently represented in prominent galleries across the United States, Australia, and New Zealand

Colour Bombs

I want the Colour Bombs to radiate across the room but to also whisper quietly beside you.  I want a big sound and silence. Many of my shapes, forms, and colors have been extracted from the mountains of Pennsylvania where I live and work, but I also sample bits and pieces of memories and places I’ve never been.  There are trunks of trees, winter skies, deer legs, the pink from a summer watermelon, and Greek islands I’ve always wanted to see – these are some of the sparks that start a painting but they are not the whole story.  The initial inspiration is simply a launchpad to shoot a rocket off into the unknown.  Colour does not need to represent anything other than itself.  It is universal yet nothing is more personal.  And that’s how I present these paintings.  I’m distilling something that struck me, but the interpretations and feelings others come away with are infinite.