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Wesley John Fourie

Wesley John Fourie is an award winning emerging artist based in Aotearoa, New Zealand.
Fouries' work explores themes of nature, spirituality, and sexuality through his use of textiles, often manifesting as large scale “soft sculptures”. Fouries' has interest in exploring scale as a lens through which to process data, which usually results in 1/1 hand knit scale models of natural objects. The artist will also find himself using embroidery as a vehicle for art making, creating ephemeral, highly emotive textile installations which explore themes of love, loss, and queer sexuality, alongside installations of native flora.

Fouries work is predominantly textile based, though has also been written, performative, drawing, and painting. "I see art as a vehicle to raise awareness of the sacred status of our natural environment". 
Often being found (when not in their studio), lost somewhere in the mountains or the forest. Fourie explores our natural landscape, which inspires his interest in spirituality. The artist has also spent extended periods of time across the Indian subcontinent.

The works of Wesley John Fourie are held in private collections across Aotearoa New Zealand, India, Japan, Nepal, Germany, Italy, United States of America, and Australia as well as public institutions across Aotearoa New Zealand.