Johnny Romeo Australian Artist Pop Art Film Movie Mashup Oil and Acrylic on Canvas Pop Artist Boyd-Dunlop Gallery Contemporary Art Hawkes Bay Napier Hastings Street Pulp Fiction Uma Thurman
So Pulp, 2024
Johnny Romeo

So Pulp, 2024


So Pulp, 2024

acrylic and oil on canvas

410 x 410 mm


In Johnny Romeo’s alternate Technicolour Pop reality, René Magritte’s ‘Son of Man’ becomes the film noir daughter of Pulp Fiction. So Pulp portrays Tarantino’s iconic character Mia Wallace dressed up as Magritte’s besuited ‘Son of Man’ while delivering her classic nonchalant stare with cigarette in hand. Romeo masterfully alters the phrase ‘Soppy Pulp’, an amusing reference to the sentimental and sensationalised stories found in pulp fiction magazines, into ‘So Pulp’, a phrase which perfectly encapsulates the effortless chic of Mia Wallace. With her classic style and cooler-than-thou attitude, Romeo’s gender bending mash-up of Magritte and Mia Wallace is an empowered and life-affirming icon for the New Radical generation.

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