PETER MILLER, Reasons-To-Be-Cheerful, Original Oil Painting, Realism, Hawkes Bay Contemporary Fine Art Boyd-Dunlop Gallery
Meaningful Existence
Peter Miller

Meaningful Existence


Meaningful Existence

oil on canvas

660 x 555 mm


There is a sense of irony about this painting and title. The title is suggestive of an existence that is meaningful and yet the painting is intended to suggest that the pursuit of wealth (eg. As represented by the coins) is actually meaningless in the face of the transient and finite nature of existence. This is very much in the theme of the Dutch Vanitas painters and is a subject I like to play with, but not to get people back to the churches- more to emphasise that life is a finite thing, and seemingly short lived when viewed from the finish line- and ought to be lived in a way that feels well lived to the individual.

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