PETER MILLER, Reasons-To-Be-Cheerful, Original Oil Painting, Realism, Hawkes Bay Contemporary Fine Art Boyd-Dunlop Gallery
Peter Miller

A Naiad’s Morning


A Naiad’s Morning, 2022

oil on canvas, framed

1200 x 1400 mm


In Greek mythology a Naiad is one of the nymphs of flowing water- springs, rivers, fountains, lakes. The Naiads, appropriately in their relation to freshwater, were represented as beautiful, lighthearted, beneficent (generous).

In this painting a Naiad starts her day slowly, playing with the water as the day awakens, in touch with her natural surroundings and the beauty and magic contained, allowing herself to daydream a while at the lake.

This appears as a fantasy to the viewer but it may also be perhaps suggestive that life could be lived differently and in a more idyllic manner, by moving at a more leisurely pace and with more awareness of the natural environment we exist within, letting our senses take us deeper into that magic that exists within nature.

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