PETER MILLER, Reasons-To-Be-Cheerful, Original Oil Painting, Realism, Hawkes Bay Contemporary Fine Art Boyd-Dunlop Gallery
Peter Miller

Searching for the Land of Milk and Honey


Searching for the Land of Milk and Honey

oil on linen, framed

1000 x 1300 mm


Reflections initially on the plight of boat refugees but becoming a commentary on the plight of displaced people in general- people fleeing their homelands or leaving due to economic hardship or violence and warfare, leaving everything behind out of necessity in the hope/desire of finding a new homeland and creating a new beginning, a new life, with hopes for a better future. This painting shows someone who has neither hope nor homeland. The pilot fish shown were once considered by sailors to be a sign of good fortune if they started to follow their boat, thought to be guiding boats to their destination when following them. Conversely she has an albatross come aboard to join her, considered also by sailors to be an omen of bad luck.

She floats with neither sail nor rudder to assist and guide, an anchor-less rope indicating her having no homeland as an anchor- as indicated, she is anchor-less in life, and at its mercy.

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