Jo Blogg - 'Everything Is Not Black and White' - Friday 27th Nov - 15th Dec



Jeremy McCormick - 'Jeremy's Puzzle' - Sat 17th Oct 5pm - Downstairs Gallery



Delicia Sampero - 'Threads of Touch'  Sat 10th Oct 5pm  - Downstairs Gallery

Jeremy McCormick - 'Jeremy's Puzzle' - Sat 17th Oct 5pm - Downstairs Gallery

'Nuit Blanche Group Show' - Jo Blogg, Ken Sando. Bernie Winkles, Freeman White, Patrick Tyman, Blair Collins, Ben Cichon - Sat 17th Oct 6-10pm - Upstairs Gallery

Johnny Romeo - 'Sign of The Times'  25th May - 22nd June


Patrick Tyman - 'Objects of Desire' 20th May - 20th June,  Boyd-Dunlop Gallery


Rohan Wealleans: 'New Electra' Friday 6th March - 24th March - Boyd-Dunlop Gallery

Grimoire: 'Crying' Friday March 20th - 4th April - Napier Contemporary Art Space

Brian Culy:   'Dust Collectors' Friday 18th October - 6th November

White Night:   Collaboration with Little and Fox and Richard Boyd-Dunlop 19th Oct

Ken Sando:   Friday 27th September - 17th October

Evelyn Dunston and Alison Holt:   Saturday 28th September - 17th October

Simon Kerr:  'Sarah'  Friday 13th September - 26th September

Jan Nigro: 'The Naked Truth' 9th August - 23rd August

Allen Maddox: 17th May - 5th June

Serj Tankian:  'See Music Hear Art'  16th Feb - 6th March