October 8 - 29, 2021

Internationally acclaimed Australian Pop painter Johnny Romeo makes his captivating show debut in Napier, New Zealand with his mini-survey RISE. The series, which will hang during the highly celebrated Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival, consists of iconic paintings by Australia’s King of Pop that have been expertly hand-selected by the artist alongside Boyd-Dunlop Gallery. A glorious fusion of explosive colour arrangements, slick Pop culture iconography, Surrealist humour and sharp social commentary, Romeo’s inimitable Kitsch Pop style is a vibrant sugar rush that pushes Pop Art to thrilling new heights. RISE celebrates the fun-loving, world-shaking power of art and Pop culture, and offers audiences an electrifying glimpse into the warped, Technicolour mind of one of the world’s leading culture jammers.

Since bursting on to the Australian commercial art scene in the mid-2000s, Johnny Romeo has become a major voice in contemporary Pop Art, amazing audiences across the globe with his neon-drenched reinterpretations of classic celebrities, cartoon heroes and rebellious rockstars. Featuring latter period works masterfully handpicked from Australian and international collections, RISE bursts at the seams with the kind of bold imagery, vivacious colour palettes and cheeky wordplay that have made the artist the highly sought-after Kitsch Pop juggernaut he is known as today. Romeo’s boisterous and unapologetically Pop stylings play with our understandings of celebrity culture and nostalgia, while embodying the liberating way in which Pop culture allows us to see the world in a new light and transcend the hum drum banality of everyday life.

Walk of Wonders
Baptism of Pink

Opening Saturday 7th August 3-5pm, 2021

Artists have responded to a simple brief: Explore the colour pink and the feelings it evokes, be playful, free, and experimental in your approach. Curated by Philly Nicholson, A Baptism of Pink is a microorganism of creativity within the wider Walk of Wonders experience.⁠

We have invited John Lancashire, Brad Donovan, Richard Boyd Dunlop, Philly Nicholson, Lee Warren and Hayden Burgess to have creative freedom on identical 1800 x 1800 mm circular boards. Expect a mixture of playful, whimsical and abstract visual expressions.⁠

Bernard Winkels
'Cherry On Top'

16th April - 7th May 2021

These latest works By Bernard Winkels are about creating a dialogue between the artist and the viewer,  making connections to this land here in Aotearoa during these chaotic times. Bernard creates conversations utilizing the everyday; current affairs, social media, personal experiences and the human condition which is our daily habit ( daily bread) in a search for sense in this 21st century.

Bernard Winkels goes through his processes and practices of creating work on a day to day basis in this very contemporary world, where everything has changed across the globe as we know it.  As we adjust to these very radical changes we escape back into the everydayness of the tried and trusted tokens, signs, labels, brands, info, notions, notes, and plethora of stuff of our newfound unique consumerism as opposed to others in this world right now.  Are we really concerned with the bigger picture or are we content that we can still consume here in this very special chunk of dirt at this point in time and history of the world?  What am I supposed to be doing with my life?  Do I have enough flour and toilet paper?  Am I alright Jack?

As we go about our everyday we happily rely on others to be our sentinel as we settle back into our complacency.

This work is an attempt at trying to convey a message through past, present, and future where the art and viewer are placed.  Bernard reacts abruptly at times in a survey of his surroundings in a vernacular to present a dialect for the masses. Throughout the seriousness, there is a playful sense of fun that emanates through his works seen in his use of clour and application of surreal imagery.


14th February - 9th of March 2021

‘LOVE’ – floral portraits by Auckland-based artist Emma Bass opens, appropriately, onValentine’s Day at Napier gallery Boyd Dunlop. In her first Napier exhibition, the show features a broad sample of Bass’ floral ouvre. These photographic works are animated by a spirit of love in its many expressions; love as passion, as care, as commitment, as beauty. As a former nurse, the artist has seen the difference love makes in people’s lives and she views love as constituting both emotional and practical aspects; we experience love, but we also practice love through care for self and others.

She says “Flowers have been employed to represent our ideas and emotions as far back as we can trace our artistic heritage. Eastern or Western, flowers are one of the most universal forms of beauty. They are tokens of love, a natural expression of the environment. What’s more, flowers are scientifically proven to improve both mental and physical well-being. Everywhere in the world, flowers are cherished in some form”

Jo Blogg
'Not Everything is Black and White'

27th November - 14th Dec 2020

Like many of us, Jo Blogg spent lockdown taking stock, pondering the nature of connection in a world where the basic human interaction we once took for granted was prohibited, and using the space to create.

From this process, Everything is Not Black and White was born. It’s a personal journal of sorts, a sextet of portraits of those close to Jo’s heart, rendered in her signature mandala style. The work is the result of conversations between artist and muse in which she gave her subjects agency to choose the palette that best represented, not their finite, mortal form, but the person within. 

available artwork

Johnny Romeo
'Sign of The Times'

25th May - 22nd June

Johnny Romeo is an Australian contemporary pop artist. His works infuse the aesthetics of print-based Warholian Pop with a street-art speed and grit, all executed through some strange on-canvas alchemy in acrylic and oil.

Patrick Tyman
'Objects of Desire'

20th May - 20th June

As meditative as they are exhilarating, Patrick Tyman’s works are a real visual treat for the eyes. Often portraying bold florals amidst a dream like landscape, Patrick takes the native flora and fauna of New Zealand and the vibrant colours of the South Pacific as his muse. 

'Rohan Wealleans'
'New Electra'

March 6 - March 30th - 2019

Rohan Wealleans is a contemporary artist who has exhibited widely in New Zealand and internationally since graduating Elam School of Fine Arts in 2003.

He has won accolades such as the Wallace Art Award in 2006. Wealleans' creates tactile works that blend between painting and sculpture.

"Wealleans' monstrous creations morph and bleed between painting and sculpture. Their wild and unruly appearance give the impression the artist has grown them in a subterranean lair through a mixture of wizardry and weird science, rather than having created them in a white-walled studio."

 "Wealleans layers paint onto fibreglass and polystyrene, cutting back into these architectonic layers in a technique that resembles millefiori glasswork in which the multicoloured patterns of glass rods are only viewable from their cut ends. Segments are sliced from one surface and added to another in a joyful accretion of colour and texture. His paintings can amass up to 80 layers of paint, resulting in a psychedelic, visceral, fascinating and at times repulsive surface. The titles of his works combine a love of science fiction and B-grade cinema with a metonymic sense of humour."